Dalvino’s Canned Wine Series

Dalvino’s canned wine series will launch March 30th in the tasting room

A new way to enjoy Dalvino, in a CAN! Why can wine you ask? Well wine not? Sometimes wine can be intimidating and at Dalvino we want to break down the status quo that you must know everything about wine in order to enjoy it.

Canned wine is meant to be fun while introducing a craft approach to winemaking. Dalvino is introducing our canned wine series Saturday March 30th in the tasting room. Cans are available in two flavors: Juicy Rosè and Fizzy Rosè. Fizzy Rosè is the black sheep of the canned wine family, offering carbonation to balance out the juicy and fruity flavors. Both flavors are made from 100% Pennsylvania grapes that offer bright citrus and fruit flavors that is sure to please any wine lovers palate.

Watch out Cali, PA wines are coming for you! Lets put PA wine on the map together. Cans will be available in a convenient 4 pack or sold individually. See you all on March 30th.

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